NEK DESIGN activates in the yacht design from the year 1984.
The main influence, which dictated the design philosophy of our Mr. Nikolas Kondylopoulos, was given by the Van de Stadt Design company, which is still our main partner respectively.

During all those years until now, our partners at the office were involved with the design of sailing yachts, motor yachts as well as ribs, as well for boatbuilders, as for private persons. In that framing we are in the position to offer complete projects for a new building, or any modification from the drawings to the complete product.

Our building experience includes the project management and the building supervision, covering all aspects from design to completion of the construction, always offering services of the highest standards. Our survey experience includes pre-purchase, valuation and insurance surveys, damage surveys, as well as claim management.


ND 18 MY

ND 24 LC

ND 33 CR

ND 39 CR